How to start Remnant 2 DLC

Remnant 2 - Secrets of the Red Empress: All storylines, rewards and loot
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The first Remnant 2 DLC is out, and due to the complex nature of the multi-world leveling, it may be a little tricky to figure out how to start it. Not a lot in Remnant 2 is straightforward. Thankfully, this small task is.

Getting into Remnant 2’s The Awakened King DLC

Remnant 2 Awakened King Dlc
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The first thing you need to ensure is that you own the DLC for Remnant 2. Head to whatever store you bought the game from, and search for The Remnant King. This should tell you if you have purchased the DLC.

How to Start DLC

Once you have ensured you own the DLC, open up Remnant 2. You must have completed at least one run-through of the Losomn world. At the World Stone, you need to select the option to Reroll Adventure Mode in the Adventure Mode option. You can then select The Awakened King DLC to play.

If this is your first time running through the Remnant 2 DLC, you can select the option to ‘One Shot’ it. This guarantees the DLC occurring in the game. If you have already played Remnant 2, you will be familiar with the randomly generated nature of the game. Therefore, this option just ensures you get to play what you paid for nice and quick.

How to start Remnant 2 DLC
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What’s new with The Awakened King?

As is to be expected, the DLC introduces an all-new map, enemies, dungeons, and weapons. All of these promise to open the game up even further and make each new playthrough even more interesting than before.

However, for most, the most exciting thing is going to be the chance to get your hands on a new archetype. The Remnant 2 DLC introduces The Ritualist archetype. This new Archetype focuses on causing status effects and reducing their effectiveness against you. Earning the new archetype will introduce all kinds of new ways to play.

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