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There are quite a few missions in Warzone 2 DMZ that involves getting stuff from dead drops, and ‘Untraceable’ from the Legion faction is one of them. Instead of dumping valuables into marked dumpsters, this one will have players grab a stashed gun and use it to take out Al-Mazrah’s resident boss NPC. Here’s how to get this stowed weapon from the Sattiq Caves dead drop in Warzone 2 DMZ.

Warzone 2 DMZ – How to get the weapon from the Sattiq Caves dead drop

After completing enough Tier 2 Legion missions, players will be able to unlock the Untraceable quest. This will cause a custom SP-X 80 sniper rifle to spawn in a marked dumpster within the vicinity of the Sattiq Caves. The dead drop is located in a relatively quiet corner near an ambulance, a stash of supplies, and a fast rope. As long as players have Untraceable in their active quests list, the SP-X 80 should always spawn in the dead drop.

How to take the weapon from the Sattiq Caves dead drop in Warzone 2 DMZ location

Sattiq Caves dead drop weapon location. Screenshot by PC Invasion

Sattiq Caves is positively swarming with Al Qatala fighters and a handful of Shadow Company agents in the nearby plane crash site. There are also a few quests involved in this area, so expect to encounter at least one hostile squad whenever you go here.

Players can skip fighting much of the chaff by using an armored truck or a helicopter, but keep in mind that riding a vehicle will cause you to appear on the minimaps of other operators. If you’re going to get the weapon from the Sattiq Caves dead drop in Warzone 2 DMZ, then make sure to do it quickly.

What to do with the weapon

This sniper rifle is basically an essential quest item — players won’t be able to complete Untraceable without it. This Warzone 2 DMZ’s mission’s main objective is to kill the Chemist in Al-Mazrah’s radiation zone using the gun stashed in the dead drop. It’ll take two clean shots to the head to take this guy out, so keep your hands steady and your aim true.

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