Lies of P: How to upgrade weapons

Lies Of P Upgrade Weapons Guide

In Lies of P, you’ll stumble across a bunch of unique weapons that all play fairly uniquely. From standard shortswords and rapiers to spears and glaives, you’ll end up being spoiled for choice a fair bit into the game. But you’ll eventually need to tune up these weapons to make them more effective against stubborn enemies. So here’s how you upgrade weapons in Lies of P.

Lies of P: How to upgrade weapons

The good news is that you gain access to weapon upgrades pretty soon after you start the game. Once you’ve beaten the first boss in Lies of P you’ll move on to Hotel Krat. This area acts like the hub for Lies of P and it’s where you’ll level up, talk to different characters, and yes, upgrade your weapons. Once you’re in Hotel Krat, head to the right-hand side area on the ground floor and then look to the left. You’ll see Eugénie standing there and she’s the person we need to talk to.

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Eugénie is your one-stop for all weapon upgrades for the entire game. It’s refreshingly simple and it makes Hotel Krat feel like a useful location to keep coming back to. Eugénie needs both materials and Ergo to upgrade weapons. For early upgrades on standard weapons, you’ll need Hidden Moonstones. And once you’ve upgraded your weapon a few times, it’ll then need Crescent Moonstones and so on. Boss weapons require a special material called Darkmoon Moonstone of the Covenant, which is a much rarer material.

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Alongside simple weapon upgrades, Eugénie can also tinker with weapon handles. And by using certain items, she can alter the properties of the handles to scale with different stats. So if a weapon’s highest scaling stat is Motivity, using a Technique Crank will swap the scaling to Technique. This is useful if you find a weapon that you love but find that it doesn’t quite work with your current stats. You can just swap the proficiencies around and make the weapon more effective in your hands.

Lies of P is now available on PC.

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