How to turn off turn-based mode in Baldur’s Gate 3

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One of the best features in Baldur’s Gate 3, both in and out of combat, is turn-based mode. While in combat, each character rolls for initiative and goes in a certain order. Out of combat, it can be useful for performing strategic and stealthy maneuvers. But once you find yourself in turn-based mode, you may not realize how you get out of it. This can happen if there’s an environmental turn happening, like traps activating or other hazards. Let me explain how you can switch off turn-based mode in Baldur’s Gate 3.

How to exit turn-based mode

Whether you’re playing on PC or PS5, leaving turn-based mode is quite easy. Sometimes, once you’re caught in this mode with an environmental turn, you may not know how to leave it. You can turn off turn-based mode in Baldur’s Gate 3 by pressing the ‘Shift’ + ‘Space’ keys on your keyboard. If you’re on PlayStation 5, simply hold RT and scroll on your wheel to find the turn-based mode toggle.

How To Turn Off Turn Based Mode Baldurs Gate 3

Image: Larian Studios

While this is the shortcut for it, you can actually select the large round button with the hourglass icon on the right side of your hotbar that toggles turn-based mode on and off. This is useful for when you want to start a surprise round of combat and move everyone in turns. Or maybe you’re trying to dodge traps, and you need to control your party members one at a time. It’s also best used when you’re attempting to pickpocket someone since this mode lets you take your time with precise maneuvers.

When something in the environment takes a turn, it’ll force you into turn-based mode. Unfortunately, it won’t force you out, so you’ll have to do that yourself. If you’re stuck in combat, this toggle won’t work, since there’s no real-time combat. You’ll have to run far away and flee to exit turn-based mode while in combat.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is available on Steam and the PlayStation 5.

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