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How to unlock Paul Atreides skin in Modern Warfare 3

All paths lead into darkness.

We might not live in a future on a sand planet, but here’s someone who does! Here is how to unlock the Paul Atreides Operator skin in Modern Warfare 3.

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Modern Warfare 3: How to unlock Paul Atreides’ skin

Getting to play as Paul Atreides in a Team Deathmatch or Infected Match in Modern Warfare 3 was not on my bingo card, but here we are! The Dune: Trial of Power is live now before the MW3 Christmas event hits next week, and with it, we get two Operator packs.

These are the Paul Atreides Operator Bundle and the Feyd-Rautha Operator Bundle. Each of these is separate from the other, with the particularity that by using the Paul Atreides skin, you will get extra XP income while playing during the Dune event. However, how do we get the Paul Atreides Operator skin?

Well, unfortunately, the only way to unlock this premium skin is to purchase the whole Paul Atreides Operator Bundle for 2400 COD points. This means that you will have to spend almost 20 dollars to get this premium package, or hope that you have the necessary COD points after playing through the Battle Pass so that you can spend them to purchase the bundle. Here is a list of the rest of the items that come along the Paul Atreides Operator

  • Fremen Fighter Assault Rifle Weapon Aftermarket Part
  • Desert Maula Handgun Weapon Aftermarket Part
  • Crysknife Melee Weapon Blueprint
  • Chip and Shatter Finishing Move
  • Wormrider Calling Card
  • Muad’Dib Weapon Charm
  • The Fighters Emblem
Modern Warfare 3 Paul Atreides Skin
Image: PC Invasion

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While the discussion of whether the Paul Atreides bundle is worth it or not in Modern Warfare 3, it is worth noting that both the Fremen Fighter and Desert Maula Aftermarket Parts are great additions. These will bring variety to an already decently sized weapon selection.

If you are a fan of Dune, then go ahead and venture yourself into shooting matches as the heir of House Atreides.

Find out how to get all Dune: Trial of Power rewards here.

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