How To Unlock The Faded Theater Domain In Genshin Impact
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How to unlock the Faded Theater Domain in Genshin Impact

A new Domain with 4.6.

The Faded Theater Domain is a new Artifact Domain you can unlock in Genshin Impact 4.6, but how can you gain access to it? It’s easier than you think, you just need to know how to get there first.

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Genshin Impact: How to unlock the Faded Theater Domain

The Faded Theater Domain is a new Domain with the Genshin Impact 4.6 update that requires you to unlock it before entering it. To unlock the Faded Theater Domain in Genshin Impact, you have to travel by Waverider to the island of Petrichor.

How To Unlock The Faded Theater Domain In Genshin Impact Petrichor
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The new map section with the 4.6 update is the spot between all regions that was once greyed out and inaccessible. Now, if you look between Sumeru and Fontaine specifically you should spot a Statue of the Seven waypoint near the Faded Theater Domain icon.

But it’s in the middle of a large body of water, how can you access it? The easiest way to travel to Petrichor is to jump on the Waverider in Bayda Harbor, which is in Sumeru.

How To Unlock The Faded Theater Domain In Genshin Impact Bayda Harbor Waverider
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Summon the Waverider at that location and boat to Petrichor. It’s not too long of a journey, and I didn’t see any closer Waverider, so this is the easiest method of travel for now. Once you arrive I recommend you unlock the Statue of the Seven first so you can uncover the map area. This will inevitably trigger the quest “The Shadow Over Petrichor,” which is the first quest in the “Canticles of Harmony” quest chain.

After uncovering the map, head over to the Faded Theater Domain which is trackable from your map, just on the other side of this small island. There’s no other prerequisite to unlocking this Domain (besides reaching Adventure Rank 22 and completing Archon Quest Prologue: Act lll), all you have to do is interact with it, and voila!

Faded Theater Domain Artifact sets

How To Unlock The Faded Theater Domain In Genshin Impact Artifact
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Here are the Artifact sets you can acquire at the Faded Theater Domain, as there are two:

  • Fragment of Harmonic Whimsy
    • Two-piece: ATK +18%
    • Four-piece: When the value of a Bond of Life increases or decreases, this character deals 18% increased DMG for 6s. Max three stacks.
  • Unfinished Reverie
    • Two-piece: ATK +18%
    • Four-piece: After leaving combat for 3s, DMG dealt increases by 50%. In combat, if no Burning opponents are nearby for more than 6s, this DMG Bonus will decrease by 10% per second until it reaches 0%. When a Burning opponent exists, it will increase by 10% instead until it reaches 50%. This effect still triggers if the equipping character is off-field.

Fragment of Harmonic Whimsy is the perfect set for Arlecchino’s build, while you should get Unfinished Reverie if you’re looking for great Artifacts for Wriothesley.

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