How to unlock the Jak Ferocity Carbine Kit in Modern Warfare 3 (MW3)

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Aftermarket Parts in Modern Warfare 3 are about how much you can customize your favorite weapon. For example, you can turn a pistol into an SMG with the Jak Ferocity Carbine Kit.

Aftermarket Parts help your guns get stronger by getting new parts for them. On top of that, it allows you to play the game a different way with the same gun because Aftermarket Parts allow the weapon to perform drastically differently. One that stands out for players at the moment is the Jak Ferocity Carbine Kit which is an Aftermarket Part for Renetti in MW3, and we’ll show you how to unlock it. 

MW3: How to unlock the Jak Ferocity Carbine Kit

Like many things in MW3, you’ll need to level up to unlock the Jak Ferocity Carbine Kit. As you level up, you’ll also unlock new vests, guns, attachments, and other things. So, play well during each match; I also recommend trying out Ground War because it yields a good amount of XP. To unlock the Jak Ferocity Carbine Kit in MW3, you’ll need to have the Renetti pistol reach level 20 which is much easier said than done.

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Once you have a level 20 Renetti, you need to complete a special Renetti challenge to unlock the Jak Ferocity Carbine Kit. The challenge is to get 30 kills with five attachments equipped. The easiest way I’ve found to do this is to launch into team deathmatch and play aggressively. You’ll rack up those 30 kills in two or three matches.

While the Jak Ferocity Carbine Kit does melt enemies with its extremely fast rate of fire, it only has 15 bullets. If you don’t land all your shots, you may need to switch guns to finish the job which could get you killed. In my opinion, the Jak Ferocity Carbine Kit is really good, but you need to pair it with a close-range, fast-paced playstyle to get the most out of it.

Which weapon is the Jak Ferocity Carbine Kit for?

If you’re rocking the Renetti burst pistol, this attachment turns it into a fully automatic gun. Also, on top of being level 20, you need to kill 30 enemies with all five attachments on with the pistol to unlock the Jak Ferocity Carbine Kit.

There are two requirements you must follow, but once they are completed, you can shred people with the Jak Ferocity Carbine Kit. When you unlock the attachment and place it on the Renetti, watch all your shots do an insane amount of damage.

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