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How to get authorized to steal ships in Starfield

What's yours is mine.

The only thing better than having your own ship in Starfield is having more than one of them. There are a lot of ships to choose from, each with numerous parts and upgrades available. Sometimes, you want a swift vessel that can dart through space like a firefly. Or maybe a slower behemoth that will transport a lot of cargo is just the ticket. Other times, you’ll come across a ship someone else owns (someone much less noble than you) and realize it would make a nice addition to your fleet. Here’s our guide explaining how to get authorized to steal ships in Starfield.

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Starfield – How to get authorized to steal ships

It’s best to play nice with most ships you find out in space, but sometimes, they’ll open fire when you get near. In that case, they’ve just made themselves fair game. To get authorized to steal a ship, board the vessel and eliminate any crew, then sit down in the cockpit. Space is a mighty big place. Your crew isn’t the only one in the galaxy, and it’s often not the only one on a planet.

Starfield Take Over Ship From Deceased Crew

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I’ve stolen ships that were completely deserted, without any bloodshed involved. However, the first ship I stole landed not far from me while I was exploring Mars. I decided to chat up the crew. The individuals aboard the Ecliptic Stiletto were not in a genial mood, though. They opened fire, so I shot at a few of them and ran up the ramp into their ship.

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Once I boarded the ship, the game presented an updated mission with two options: Kill the Crew or Leave the Ship. It turned out there weren’t many crew members on board. I showed them the business end of my Cutter laser and eliminated them all. The mission status then updated with a new possibility: Take Over the Ship. The notion appealed to me, so I sat in the nearby Pilot Seat.

Starfield Register Stolen Ship

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How to keep or sell stolen ships in Starfield

Once you steal a ship in Starfield, it’s not officially yours. The first time you do, the game walks you through what needs to happen next.

You only ‘commandeer’ your new ship until you land on a planet or grav jump to another star system. I discovered by accident that if you sit in the pilot seat on a ship and then enter and exit a nearby cave without leaving the planet, that also counts as commandeering a vessel. After taking any of those actions, the ship sort of becomes yours. It then earns the ‘Home Ship’ designation. However, you don’t exactly have a bill of sale.

How To Get Authorized To Steal Ships In Starfield

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To keep a stolen ship free and clear, you need to register it. You can register your ship either by choosing the option while viewing your ships from the pause menu, or by talking to a Ship Services Tech. I like those individuals because they’re good at repairing ship damage. In my case, I paid a visit to the Ship Services Tech in New Atlantis. Talk to the one right outside where your ship landed, and you can find the new ship listed among any others already in your fleet.

When you look at the ship, you’ll have the option to Register it. You may also try to sell it, but you can’t sell an unregistered ship. Unfortunately, the cost to register a ship is nearly equal to the revenue you generate by selling it. At least, it has been in every case I’ve encountered. Stealing ships does not appear to be an efficient way to generate revenue, so you may as well keep it.

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