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Monster Hunter Now has a lot going on underneath the hood. Most of which is explained as you progress in the game. However, there’s a lot in the early game that you must do and is not conveyed well — or is hidden in the UI. One of those mechanics is the Lock On which is something you must do in the first chapter of the game. Now, the issue with this, is the game doesn’t show any good indicator of how to get this move. I spent a good hour walking around my block figuring it out, till I had to look it up myself. To save you time and to get you progressing in the story of Monster Hunter Now, this guide will show you use Lock On.

Monster Hunter Now: How to use Lock On

Locking is great for the bigger monsters. When you aim a specific part of them, they break causing the monster to stagger. Allowing you to do more attacks at a faster rate. However, ypui can only Lock On in specific ways. First, you must have the Kulu Headpiece Overgraded to the second rank. This can be done by leveling it up five times. Just like weapons that have Special Skills, so does armor. And if you have more armor like weapons do, you can swap them on the fly

Once you have the Kulu Headpiece ranked to two, and equipped, head into a fight. To physically Lock On to a target, first, have any weapon that isn’t ranged. Then the Lock On option will appear on the bottom rightPress it, and you’ll start attacking specific points of the monster.

Note: You can only Lock On the larger monsters, this won’t work with smaller normal monsters.

Crafting the Kulu Headpiece

You can’t earn this piece of armor, but you’ll be able to craft it early on in the game. Just look for the Kulu-Ya-Ku monster. The good news is that it is a very common monster and can be found in forests, deserts, and the swap biomes. They are somewhat fast-moving, so when attacking make sure you move around a lot to get behind it. 

Monster Hunter Now is available now via iOS and Google Playstore.

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