Destiny 2 Onslaught How To Win 50 Waves
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How to win 50 waves in Onslaught Destiny 2

Bring 'em on!

Can you survive 50 waves in Onslaught in Destiny 2? Learn how to survive all 50 waves of Onslaught in Destiny 2 with these tips.

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Best strategies to win Onslaught in Destiny 2

There are two things you need to focus on to win all 50 waves Onslaught waves in Destiny 2: your build and your defenses. The only way to make it all through all 50 Onslaught rounds, whether you’re on the regular or Legend mode, is to have a killer build and buy the best defenses.

You also need to play “Onslaught” to be able to play 50 waves, not “Onslaught: Playlist.” “Onslaught: Playlist” is a 10-wave game mode that introduces you to Onslaught. After you play it once, unless you only have time for a short game, I recommend always playing “Onslaught” so you can attempt to pass 50 waves.

How to make the best build for Onslaught in Destiny 2

I made an entire guide on the best Onslaught builds in Destiny 2 that I recommend you check out. There, you’ll get a full breakdown of what I think is the best Hunter, Warlock, and Titan build for Onslaught.

The key is to focus your build around crowd control. In my opinion, Strand Warlocks, Void Titans, and Stasis Hunters are best at that. Some alternatives also shine, like Solar Warlock, Strand Titan, and Arc Hunter, but those are the best subclasses for Onslaught because they have high crowd control capabilities and ways to deal high single-target damage.

What are the best Onslaught defenses in Destiny 2?

  • Destiny 2 Onslaught Tripwires
  • Destiny 2 Onslaught Decoy
  • Destiny 2 Onslaught Turret

Onslaught has three defenses: tripwires, decoys, and turrets. I think the best defenses in Onslaught start with the turret. Your first purchase should always be the turret. From there, buy tripwires nearest the ADU. Those serve as your last line of defense.

When you acquire more Scrap, buy a decoy and tripwires nearest where the enemies come from most often. Make sure to upgrade your turret and last line of tripwires. This will allow them to deal more damage.

With the best defenses, best build, and a great Fireteam, you’ll win 50 waves of Onslaught. Now, can you do it on the Legend difficulty? Good luck, Guardian, as you chase down the Brave Arsenal weapons.

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