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Best defences to buy in Onslaught Destiny 2

Offence is the best Defence.

With the introduction of a tower defence mode in Destiny 2 comes a whole new playbook for tactics and builds. So, as we dive into Destiny 2 Onslaught, here are the defences I think are best to buy with your scrap.

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What defences are worth your Scrap in Onslaught

Scrap is a valuable and shared resource in Onslaught, so where you decide to spend it is critical. Blow your whole bank on one badly placed Trip Mine or Turret, and the game could be lost. As you enter into the higher levels, those upgraded defences are going to be the all-important things standing between you and the heavies.

#1 Turrets

Think of Turrets as your very immobile but trigger-happy extra teammate. Placement is key to making these defenses a good buy in Destiny 2 Onslaught because a bad placement will have it swarmed and destroyed in minutes, wasting the Scrap spent.

Destiny 2 Onslaught defences
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However, a well-placed Turret with adequate cover and support from both the Trip Mines and Decoys can ride through the waves of enemies all the way to the last rounds. You should wait to see how well the placement fares before spending more Scrap on it for upgrades. However, a well-placed and upgraded Turret defense cannot be beaten for value in Destiny 2 Onslaught.

#2 Decoys

These are the understated, underpriced heroes of the Onslaught field. While most of the enemies in Destiny 2 Onslaught will immediately hunt you and your fellow Guardians down, a number of them will also focus on your defenses. Spend a bit of your Scrap on some decoys, and lead the enemies away from your base in Onslaught and right into your nests of defenses.

Decoys can be used to slow enemies as they make their relentless way toward you and your more valuable defenses. Used alongside Trip Mines and Turrets, these defenses will quickly create death pits. They work well to provide one last line of distraction before your Onslaught ADU, giving you time to focus on the bigger enemies.

#3 Trip Mines

Trip mines are good defenses to buy in Onslaught to provide a little bit of slowing power to the enemies around the map. They can work to damage enemies as they are channelled down choke points in the map and thin the herds of weaker enemies.

onslaught destiny 2 defences
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A good place to put the Tripmines you buy is just around your ADU. They will deal the last little bit of damage to the enemies as they push towards your base. It may just be enough to wipe them out before they get right up close.

Teamwork makes the dream work

The true value of the defenses in Onslaught comes from their combined placement around the map. Each one helps bolster the next, creating areas of exclusion and channels that slow and channel the enemies. You want to combine your forces to work with your own specific build.

Each Defence has its place and use, so placement and timing are everything. While some may be considered the best to buy initially, forgetting to utilize another could be fatal. Make sure you learn how to use each one and where it shines brightest. Scrap doesn’t grow on trees. Now you’re one step closer to winning 50 waves in Destiny 2’s Onslaught.

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