Humble Bundle fire sale: early reports say it’s Arcen

Humble Bundle fire sale: early reports say it’s Arcen
arcen games
I’d like to apologise for the Arcen/arson joke in the headline. It was quite bad.

This week’s Humble Weekly Bundle features the Arcen Games catalogue, so if you’ve been missing out on AI War before now this would be a good time to put that right. You’ll get all five bits of DLC for the space-based RTS too, which should provide a fair few hours of AI-battling entertainment for yourself (and friends, if you decide to go co-op.)

Of course there are more games in the bundle too. Pay any price to get AI War, both A Valley Without Wind titles and puzzler Tidalis. If you beat the average (currently sat at $5.80 USD) you can have Shattered Haven and divine-tinkering titleĀ Skyward Collapse as well. In the latter title it’s your task to maintain the balance between a pair of warring factions to make sure nobody gets too much of an upper hand.

Soundtracks are included with all games. If you pay more than $1.00 USD you’ll receive Steam keys for all of them too. As ever, you can split your payment between charity, developer and Humble’s tip jar.

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    • Tim McDonald

      Alright, I admit it. That’s probably the best pun we’ve had in a headline for months.