Humble’s weekly sale offers Frozenbyte titles to chill with

Trine 2: Goblin Menace
This right here is Trine 2.

Bundles, bundles, bundles. A marvellous way to catch up on some games that you may have missed out on, or were a bit iffy about, without spending too much cash. This week’s Humble offering is a possible quintet of Frozenbyte titles.

Pay what you like, and you’ll get Trine, top-down run and gun-er Shadowgrounds and a prototype of a game called Jack Claw. A $1.00 USD minimum will get you Steam keys, except for Jack Claw which doesn’t have any.

Give more than $6.00 USD and you’ll add Trine 2 and Shadowgrounds: Survivor to your haul. Soundtracks for each game are included too, but again you have to beat that $6.00 point to get them all.

As ever, any payments can be spread between developer, charity (Child’s Play and Electronic Frontier Foundation) and Humble themselves.

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