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id Software combined the Doom and Quake games on Steam to make things ‘simpler’

A simpler way to experience classic games.

In an effort to simplify things, id Software has restructured the way the Doom and Quake games will be sold on Steam. From now on, most of the older id Software titles will come in bundles. The developer believes that shopping for its games on digital storefronts can be a bit “confusing.” And in all fairness, that isn’t incorrect. Over the years id Software has made a lot of titles and add-ons. So it makes sense to try to simplify things for people who want to check out their older titles on Steam.

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Starting this week, instead of each title and add-on having a separate listing, they’ll come in one consolidated package. For example, Doom II will now include the enhanced version, Master Levels, and Final Doom. Doom 3 will include Resurrection of Evil and the BFG Edition. Quake II will have The Reckoning and Ground Zero. Quake III Arena will come with Team Arena, and Ultimate Doom is now Doom (1993). All in all, this seems like a fairly positive move for the Doom and Quake games on Steam.


Whenever listings get taken off of the public storefront, there tends to be backlash. In some cases, older versions of games get removed in favor of newer titles, which stops players from experiencing the original experience. But that’s not quite what’s happening here with Doom and Quake on Steam. Instead, id Software is trying to make the process of buying these games easier. In fact, bundling these titles together seems like the best course of action. With that said, it’s important that the old reviews, community posts, and guides for the Doom and Quake games remain available for Steam users to contribute to. It would be a huge shame if years of community content disappeared at some point.

Doom Quake Steam Listings

Simplifying the game listings

If you’ve been thinking about playing id Software’s classic Doom and Quake games on Steam, now’s a great time. There are also some new Steam bundles that include a ton of these games. The Doom Franchise Bundle features Doom (1993), Doom II, Doom 3, Doom 64, Doom (2016), and Doom Eternal Deluxe Edition. While the Quake Collection Bundle comes with Quake, Quake II, Quake III Arena, Quake Live, and Quake 4. This ultimately seems like a good move for Steam users, who can purchase the Doom and Quake games in a much easier way. QuakeCon is just around the corner on August 18, so we may hear some more news about Quake or Doom there. Classic id Software fans will also get Return to Castle Wolfenstein on PC Game Pass soon.

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