Child of Light - 4

They should be crowing about their art style.

I’m always happy to see a game with an unusual art direction, so the watercolour backgrounds and characters in Child of Light made me smile. The game itself is looking like a side-scrolling (albeit one where you can fly) semi-RPG, complete with optional quests, exploration an upgrade tree and some turn-ish based fighting.

You control Aurora and (periodically, it seems) her firefly buddy Igniculus as they quest to free the Sun, Moon and Stars from the clutches of the Queen of Night. Which seems like a pretty worthy cause, really. Oh yes, and all the dialogue is written in rhyme. I could explain why but I haven’t the time.

The trailer below features lead programmer Brianna Code talking about Child of Light and some of the mechanics contained therein. It looks lovely, and is due some time in 2014.

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