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There are two kinds of armor in Immortals Fenyx Rising: helmets and body armor. Similarly, there are three weapons: swords, axes, and bows. Unlike similar games, all the equipment doesn’t have stats. Instead, Fenyx has independent amounts of attack and defense that can be upgraded at the Hall of the Gods. Each piece of gear has six upgrades that improve Fenyx’s parameters regardless of what you’ve chosen to equip. But that doesn’t mean that your equipment doesn’t matter. In lieu of having stats, each piece of gear has two perks that have a variety of uses.

A piece of gear’s first perk is available regardless of what level the accompanying gear slot is. No matter what, you get the initial one. Perks also level up though. For instance, if you’re wearing the helmet that grants Fenyx extra sword damage, the amount of damage it does increases at level three. The second perk doesn’t become available until you reach level four for that gear slot though. That second perk will increase as well once you get the gear slot to level six.

The issue is that weapons and armor both use blue Adamantine Shards. This means that if you purchase one upgrade, you might not have enough for another one. Immortals Fenyx Rising tells you when you have enough shards to upgrade your gear, as the next available upgrade level will glow gold once you have sufficient stores. It’s worth mentioning that you can change the appearance of whatever gear you have equipped to any other piece of gear you’ve found. The game indicates this with a paint easel icon on top of the gear slot. Immortals Fenyx Rising is a game that’s very fond of fashion, as most of the gear chests you open will contain palette swaps for things you already have. It’s great for outfit coordination, but not much else.

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