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There’s certainly a lot of stuff to upgrade in Immortals Fenyx Rising. There’s no leveling up, so all of your character improvements have to be manually added individually. This guide is going to break down what you can upgrade, what it takes to upgrade them, and why you should even bother. These upgrades are of the utmost importance to the game loop, so you’re going to be fairly busy with them.

Early on, you’re likely going to be focused on figuring out how to improve your health and stamina, as you won’t have much of either. All upgrades can be acquired once you reach the Hall of the Gods in the Valley of Eternal Spring. Health is the easiest thing to upgrade in Immortals Fenyx Rising, as the collectible that improves it is all over the place and easy to get. It’s called ambrosia and it’s just out in the open. You don’t need many pieces of ambrosia to upgrade your health at first, although the requirements increase as you get a larger health bar. It honestly just takes a few minutes to scout your surroundings and grab a few pieces of ambrosia. You initially just need four but, by the final health chunks, you’ll need nine.

Stamina, in contrast, is one of the more time-consuming things to upgrade. It requires a similar number of resources compared to health, but it uses Zeus’ Lightning instead of ambrosia. While grabbing ambrosia is as simple as walking up to it and pressing a button, the main way you get  Zeus’ Lightning is by completing Tartaros Vaults, which you’ll find all over the world. These can add up to a fair chunk of time. Towards the end of the upgrade path for stamina in Immortals Fenyx Rising, it’ll cost eight pieces of lightning to finish out your stamina. Thankfully, that isn’t the only way to get it.

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So much to do, so much to see

Both ambrosia and lightning can also be obtained as rewards for completing Hermes’ main tasks. Additionally, chests in the gods’ personal vaults can contain both, which means you’ll accrue a lot simply by playing the game (as long as you make sure to open all the dungeon chests, at least.) These chests also sometimes contain the other main, non-shard resource in Immortals Fenyx Rising: Charon coins. You’ll get these from completing myth challenges and they’ll be used to purchase skills.

Different myth challenges give markedly different payouts. For instance, lyre challenges and frescoes often reward you with just a couple of coins. Fortunately, constellation challenges generally net you 8-10 of the bad boys. But wait, there’s more! Once you reach a certain point in Immortals Fenyx Rising‘s upgrade paths, you’ll unlock mastery levels. See, there are more resources available than you need to max out your upgrades. Once this happens, you can pump the rest into mastery upgrades. For instance, once your health is maxed out, you can spend five ambrosia to give yourself extra defense.

Similarly, Charon coins can be spent to improve your godly powers and skills. Therefore, even if you’re all upgraded, there’s still plenty of reasons to keep gathering resources. And this continues in New Game Plus. Hooray!

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