IncGamers Plays: Star Citizen Hangar Module

IncGamers Plays: Star Citizen Hangar Module


OK, so there’s not much to actually “play” here but as we’ve been following Star Citizen pretty closely since the game was announced, it was exciting to see the Hangar Module released.

The Hangar Module is the first piece of content for the game that’s been released to backers. It also comes in different forms, a basic hangar and a larger more plush version. I opted for the basic Hangar just now along with the Origin Jumpworks 325A. This ship cost around $80 when backing the game and it’s a pretty good way to start out in Star Citizen with alpha and beta access.

Earlier today I filmed a quick run around of the hangar and ship just to show what’s been released so far. It’s not a lot, but it’s a start.

In other Star Citizen news, there is also a new Wingman’s Hangar episode which includes interviews with Chris Roberts at Gamescom.