IncGamers Podcast #78

Tim’s crippling arachnophobia threatens to overwhelm his enjoyment of Legend of Grimrock in this week’s pod, while Paul battles through motion sickness to give you the lowdown on Blacklight Retribution and Peter travels on land and sea to bring you opinions about A-Train 9 and Carrier Command: Gaea Mission.

As ever, the news quiz asks all the vital questions; such as how many Turtlenecks does Peter Molyneux own? All of that, plus what’s coming up on the site in the coming days.

Pick your audio or visual poison*, below. We’re still ironing out a few technical issues in this transition to video, so apologies for the slight echo effect during parts of the audio. If you want to explore the podcast archives, why not stop by iTunes.

*Will not actually cause poisoning. Probably.

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