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Episode 86 of the PC Invasion Podcast is here, with a pretty straightforward mission: discuss some of the 40,000 games that have been released since the last time we did one of these. Three games get the nod. Two of those have been played by both Tim and myself.

It’s a chronological look through alternative history this week, so we begin around 50 BC (I think I say this is AD at some point on the podcast, because I’m an idiot) with Assassin’s Creed Origins. AKA Assassin’s Crgypt. Cleopatra is, indeed, comin’ attcha. So too are some changes to the usual Creed formula. It has loot now, and a whole new combat system in which to use those looted weapons. We talk about how well (or not) all of these changes work.

Then it’s onwards to the 1600s and feudal Japan. Or, well, a version of feudal Japan, anyway. Tim’s been playing the PC version of Nioh and has thoughts about it. The port isn’t great (it has been patched since, so it has presumably improved), but fortunately the game itself is a much better prospect. It has a guy who tells the time with cat and everything.

Finally, we skip right ahead to Wolfenstein 2’s fascist dystopia. In which double shotguns are given a hearty recommendation.

You can stream or download Episode 86 of the podcast, below. Older podcast episodes reside in the archives.


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