Podcast episode 96

Have you been naughty or nice for Christmas?

As the IncGamers Podcast team discover this week, the makers of The War Z have been a bit naughty. The game has been released on Steam to much criticism and (until recently) included a host of misleading information on its Steam store description page.

The Secret World developers Funcom, on the other hand, appear to have been rather nice; dropping their subscription fee not just for the festive period but for good. You still need to buy a copy of the game to play, and DLC will be handled as individual purchases too, but the rest is subscription-free.

Whether bitComposer and GSC World have been naughty or nice is entirely too confusing, as they both made claims to the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. videogame license this week. Peter attempts to unpick the case, with mixed success.

We’ve all been playing Marvel Heroes, so you’ll hear our early impressions of that, along with Drox Operative and Dishonored’s first DLC release – ‘Dunwall Trials’.

Audio and visual options, as ever, are there for you to choose below. If you want previously-released podcasts, iTunes has some presents for you.

Peter Parrish

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