IncGamers Poll: Does DRM affect your purchasing decisions?

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I’m not trying to influence you or anything, it’s just hard to find interesting DRM pictures.

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This week at IncGamers, we’d like to how PC users feel about Digital Rights Management (DRM) when making their purchasing decisions. While the suggestions of Grand Theft Auto V using Denuvo DRM for the PC version turned out to be unfounded, the response from players demonstrated just how seriously many take the issue.

In light of that, we’re asking the following questions: “Does the inclusion of DRM affect your game purchasing decisions?”

There are four responses to select from. You can either tell us that DRM means any given game becomes an automatic “no purchase,” or that the inclusion of DRM may make you turn to piracy for certain titles (don’t worry, we won’t be collecting and turning over info to the Feds.)

A third option is there for those who’ll only consider avoiding a game if the DRM is known to cause performance issues, or perhaps affect mods.

Finally, if DRM isn’t an issue to you at all, there’s a response to cover that viewpoint.

This poll will run for the usual seven day(ish) period, and there’ll be a roundup of the results at the end of the week. Or the weekend. Whenever I’m not busy, really. You can vote below, or over on the right-hand side.

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