final fantasy 13 graphic options

Those Final Fantasy XIII PC graphics options in full.

Our most recent poll canvased reader opinion about the quality of recent PC ports in comparison to prior PC versions of games. We wanted to know whether people felt that the general quality was improving, sliding or staying broadly the same.

While this poll wasn’t quite as popular as the Assassin’s Creed: Unity frame-rate query, it still attracted several hundred responses.

Of those responses, 53% agreed with the assertion that current PC ports are being intentionally “hobbled” in order to make the present crop of consoles look better. Incidents like the Watch Dogs PC release burying improved graphics options deep within its code have probably contributed to this belief.

The next most popular reply (24%) agreed with the premise that PC versions are getting worse. Recent examples like Final Fantasy XIII and The Evil Within have done little to dissuade people from this notion.

15% of respondents felt the PC porting situation was pretty much the same as it has ever been (some good, some bad,) while just 8% were willing to say that today’s PC versions are an improvement over disasters like Saints Row 2.

Part of this pessimism may be down to increased contemporary expectations of what a solid PC version should provide, but the message to publishers from our readership is pretty clear: sort out your ports.

You can see the final poll results, below. Our new poll is up now.

[poll id=”9″]

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