IncGamers readers “won’t buy” games with major DRM

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Most of you pretty much agree with this sentiment.

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The results from our latest weekly poll are in, showing that the IncGamers readership finds prohibitive Digital Rights Management (DRM) to be a significant factor when making game purchases. We asked the question “Does the inclusion of DRM affect your game purchasing decisions?”

Effectively, 91% of readers opted for a reply that suggested the inclusion of DRM could cause them not to purchase the game.

39% said they wouldn’t buy a game where the DRM “is known to seriously affect performance” (actually the answer said “is know” because I made a typo, but you get the idea,) while 27% flat out said they would not purchase a game that utilised DRM.

Another 25% said that they would consider pirating any title that made use of DRM.

Just 9% of respondents said they would purchase regardless.

Of course, people have different definitions of what constitutes ‘DRM,’ but the hundreds of players who responded to this poll suggest that, in general, it’s an incredibly offputting inclusion, at best. At worst, it encourages piracy (not at all surprising, as there’s a rich history of cracked PC games running much better without the DRM.)

You can see the final poll results, below. We’ll have another one up in the next day or so.

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