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My favorite part of Inscryption was the first part — a roguelike card game where you battle waves and waves of other cards from creepy opponents. It’s an aspect of the game that I wished was the prime focus instead of the story-driven angle that it eventually took. The developers must have heard the call of my desires, and I suppose the calls of many others, as the new official Inscryption mod, Kaycee’s Mod, is now available for free. And it turns the game into an endless roguelike.

In the first part of Inscryption, you find yourself locked up in Leshy’s Cabin, a creepy-crawly place where you have to fight for your life in a series of card battles. Like any good roguelike, you can power up your cards, creating an unstoppable beast that can fend off waves and waves of other card-based opponents. Aside from the endless mode that the game now provides, they also promise a variety of “other surprises.” In a game like this, I wouldn’t doubt it.


Keep on fighting

Kaycee’s Mod unlocks when you beat Inscryption for the first time. You can also access it immediately via a cheat code by pressing Shift + K + M on your keyboard while still on the Start Menu screen. Kaycee’s Mod was previously available in some capacity for playtesters, allowing the official release to come out with as few bugs as possible.

Unfortunately, the developers also stated that this is “likely the end of major new content for Inscryption,” so it looks like we’ll have to say goodbye to new scares in the strategy game after this. To celebrate the release of Kaycee’s Mod, however, Inscryption is currently on sale for 30% off. You can pick it up on the Steam store now. You can also watch the new trailer for Kaycee’s Mod below.

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