Interplay reveals Battle Chess, stalemates rival game

Interplay has revealed that one of its studios (Subdued) is working on a remake of the popular chess title, Battle Chess.
You may recall a similar title that was previously on the way from Topware, called Battle vs Chess. Well, Interplay didn’t much like the similarity of that name to Battle Chess and in October of last year managed to get a successful trademark injunction “prohibiting use of Battle vs Chess by TopWare, its officers, directors, affiliated companies, and those acting in concert with the foregoing.”
That said, the Battle vs Chess website is still up and claims a release date of 17 May.
Anyhow, the Subdued version is currently in development for Interplay and aiming for an August release on PC and iPhone devices.
It would be cynical of me to suggest that Interplay’s legal action and decision to rush out a remake of a series it had previously shown no signs whatsoever of wanting to revive may have been prompted by the interest generated by Battle vs Chess. So I won’t suggest that.
Have some screenshots instead.

Sources: Subdued (game info), (injunction details)

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