September 5th, 2017

Invisible, Inc. sneaks onto Steam Early Access

invisible inc

Klei Entertainment’s turn-based procedurally-generated stealth-’em-up, Invisible, Inc., has sneaked onto Steam Early Access.

Invisible, Inc. casts you as the Operator of a “mercenary espionage agency.” You direct the agents in the field, which basically means “playing tactical-stealth XCOM“. You use them to infiltrate procedurally-generated facilities, sneaking around in a turn-based fashion, and using the resources you acquire to upgrade and better outfit your agents. Which sounds great to me.

Klei Entertainment have a long history with Early Access. Don’t Starve was in Early Access for ages and was heavily tweaked and updated based on user feedback, so this’ll hopefully follow suit with a whole host of little surprises and content additions over the course of its Early Access period.

According to the little blurb on the Steam page, Invisible, Inc. currently “includes 4 playable agents, a whole host of programs and upgrades, 3 corporations, a Story Mode, and an unlockable Endless Mode.” The full version will have more playable agents, more mission locations, more upgrades, more enemies, another corporation, and a “final boss” mission. This is described as the “core set of content”, so I’m guessing there’ll be more to come even after that.

If you fancy picking it up, it’s £11.99 on Steam right now (discounted from the £14.99 the full version will cost). As ever, I’d suggest a bit of caution with Early Access and pre-orders and whatnot, but this looks intriguing. I will probably play it, and if I can somehow find the time I’m sure I’ll try to write something about it.

Invisible, Inc. is on Early Access now, with the full version due in early 2015.

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