Former Interplay president and current InXile Studio chief, Brian Fargo, has said he’s “very pleased with Bethesda” as the publisher for the studio’s latest title, Hunted: The Demon’s Forge, having considered other publishers.”We talked to a lot of different publishers, and one of the things I liked about Bethesda the most was that they got it right away,” he told IncGamers in an interview.Fargo went on to say that Bethesda reminded him of Interplay, “our motto at Interplay used to be ‘by gamers, for gamers’ and we never lost that. In many ways, Bethesda’s the same.”It’s a game that’s been kept under wraps for the last two years, and only announced yesterday. Fargo was keen to make sure the IP was going to be treated well, he told us, and not get lost in the bigger publishing houses.”I think they are the perfect publisher for it. The other thing is that they don’t do a lot of products. You can get lost in the big machine of the big publishers – they can just write off $20 million USD, no big deal! But Bethesda gets behind each title that they do,” he said.Fargo also said the work with the Fallout IP had inspired him, and being no stranger to the Fallout franchise himself (Fargo is credited with working on Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel) was impressed with what Bethesda had done with the game since acquiring the IP.”Fallout was not a huge success, and a lot of marketing people would’ve looked at the data and said ‘This doesn’t sell enough units.’ But they looked beyond that. They looked at the mythos and what was there and they made a big success out of it.”Our full interview with “The Farg” will appear later this week, so keep your eyes open.

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