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The question is less “is Diablo 3 worth playing in 2023,” and more “why am I not still playing Diablo 3 in 2023?” Despite its rocky start, Diablo 3 is a game that not only has a cult following, but also does things that no other game has quite managed to emulate. Ever since 1996, Diablo has taken gaming by storm, creating dungeon-crawling experiences and loot hunts that distinguish it from the rest of the pack. Generations have bonded over the game, as parents introduce their children to the art of class-building and roleplay-based adventures.

Diablo 3 isn’t just still relevant; it’s the third installment of an icon.

Should we still play Diablo 3 in 2023?

The simple answer is yes. Any fan of video games can go back, all the way to the original Diablo, and have a fantastic time cutting down demons and hoarding loot. You can jump on with some friends and tear the role-playing adventure a new one. The franchise can be played the way you want to play, but there are a few things that make Diablo 3 stand out from the previous two entries.

Character Builds

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Roleplay is nothing without customization. Diablo 3 is worth playing in 2023 for this reason alone. Each of the five character classes has around 100 different skills. Every playthrough you enjoy will be a fresh experience, requiring a whole new learning process. The way you move, attack, and defend will be varied in all instances.

Diablo 3 Seasons in 2023

The replayability of seasons is limitless. You can battle for immortal glory by earning seasonal awards as you begin the game afresh. New items and the chance to play through the campaign in Hardcore mode keep the game interesting and provide new ways to display your wins. New challenges and goals are presented, making every playthrough a whole new adventure.

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Loot, loot, loot!

There is no denying it; the accumulation of loot feels great. Finding that legendary piece of armor or weapon is a rush. Spending time to ensure you have the most geared character before wading into your next battle is intensely satisfying. Hack-and-slash dungeon crawlers thrive on loot drops, and Diablo 3 is worth playing in 2023 because it hits that endorphin rush perfectly.

A game that keeps on giving

The replayability of Diablo 3 really cannot be overstated. Finishing a playthrough and immediately kicking back to the opening screen just to start a new character is always too tempting.

This being said, playthroughs don’t have to end by simply restarting the game from fresh. With the introductions of Rifts, the campaign becomes a warm-up for the grit and grind of loot and powerful bosses. Held within the Nephalim Rifts are loot and enemy-filled dungeons that end with a formidable boss fight. On defeating the boss, a Greater Rift key is dropped. These ultimate Rifts are timed but drop only the most desirable gear. Driving towards the ultimate Rift level of 150 is a grind that becomes oh-so addictive.

Without a doubt, the endgame of Diablo 3 holds huge appeal simply through its loot and gear system. Completing full sets satiates the collector that lives in all of us. There is a certain satisfaction to knowing that your character couldn’t look any more fly if they tried, and your countless hours of grinding are the reason.

Despite the game’s campaign being only 18 hours long, it is estimated that to see all the game has to offer, it will take over 150. That is some serious commitment. Taking a look at a few of the forums and Reddit threads, 150 hours is a conservative estimate for a lot of fans. Any game that can keep people spending literal days absorbed in it has to be a wild ride.

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