Is Hogwarts Legacy Canon

The Wizarding World is one with a rich history. A lot of people may think that it comprises just the Harry Potter books and films. But there’s a lot more to it than just that. In fact, there’s a long line of characters and lore that the films don’t really touch on. But with the release of Hogwarts Legacy, it’s only natural to question whether it’s canon or not.

Unfortunately, it’s not clear whether Hogwarts Legacy is truly canon to the Wizarding World. While it’s touted as an official prequel to many of the main stories from the Wizarding World, nobody involved has outright stated that it is canon. In fact, a lot of the wording surrounding this is quite vague. Hogwarts Legacy takes place in the 1890s, more than 100 years before the first Harry Potter story, and just a few decades away from Fantastic Beasts. As such, Hogwarts Legacy will feature plenty of new faces and breathe new life into some classic characters. But whether these are canon is up for debate.

Hogwarts Legacy is heavily based on existing lore

Hogwarts Legacy‘s FAQ page¬†confirms that “the games are anchored in Wizarding World lore.” However, this post also states that “players will find new and unexpected locations, characters and story elements.” So there will be plenty here that is new for Wizarding World fans. As previously mentioned, however, these dance around the idea of canonicity. Instead, it’s better to think of this game as a non-canon entry in the Wizarding World for now.

Hogwarts Legacy is the next step in building on the universe of the Wizarding World. And there may be many more games to come under the Portkey Games label. It is important to note that these games will not be “written by J.K. Rowling and will not be direct adaptations of the books and films.” Because of that, it’s hard to say Hogwarts Legacy is canon for sure.

These are brand new experiences from new creators that have been entrusted by the author. As such, each game made under this label, including Hogwarts Legacy, is a self-contained entry within the Wizarding World.

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Either way, this should be good news for fans of the Wizarding World who are craving new stories. It’ll certainly be interesting to see where these games can go after Hogwarts Legacy. And it might be refreshing to see some new ideas brought to the series. If this has given you the push to get the game yourself, be sure to double-check the platform you’re buying it on.

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