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Is Lethal Company coming to consoles?

Console release soon, please?

Reaching over 100,000 active players at one time is the realization Lethal Company has to come to grips with. The fantastic survival horror game has fans wondering if it will be released on consoles anytime soon.

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Lethal Company: Is it coming to consoles?

No one expected that Lethal Company would be where it is now, but the small game could have surpassed Phasmophobia in terms of all-time high player count, which is staggering for a game solely developed.

With the game soaring and freighting people left and right, players are bound to want the game to come to consoles shortly, as we suspect this would also be a blast on Xbox and PlayStation, respectively.

However, at the time of writing, Zeekerss, the developer behind Lethal Company, has not commented on whether or not a console release is planned for the future.

It appears they’re just going to be working solely on updating Lethal Company in its current state, as, yes, the game is rather barebones, but this is what gives Lethal Company the feel of authenticity that other games cannot replicate.

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Lethal Company Equipment Guide
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For the time being, if you’re in the mood to hunt down some loot, and escape the scary monsters that will come after you within the dark, isolating hallways the game has to offer, then you’ll need to check it out on PC.

Thankfully, the game doesn’t require much strength in terms of a PC, so players should be fine no matter the hardware they’re running it on.

So, be sure to dive in when you can, as we cannot emphasize how much fun this game is, especially when you have a full lobby of four players. There are some silly antics you can get up to, especially with some of the ship upgrades.

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