Is The Reign Of The First Person Shooter Coming To An End?

I will admit to you, dear readers that I am feeling pretty fatigued by First Person Shooters these days. Like many of you I’ve played my fair share of Call of Duty games but when was the last time I was really enjoying it? Maybe Modern Warfare 2. The last FPS I bought was Halo 4 and whilst I appreciated it was a well made game, I just felt underwhelmed as ever by all the first person running and gunning. Even with the lack of variet in next gen games I just couldn’t bring myself to buy the latest COD game Ghosts, nor Batlefield 4, nor Killzone: Shadowfall for that matter.

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It seems I’m not the only one who feels this way either. Many gamers are feeling tired of Call of Duty’s annual releases which are only backe up by releases of Battlefield as it tries to take CoD’s throne. The Call of Duty franchise certainly has come under fire from gamers who feel it has barely changed since 2007’s Modern Warfare. Yet these games sell by the millions to younger gamers and their parents who don’t seem to know any better. Will the FPS reign ever end? Or is it already coming to a close? In this article published by Gameinrealm and written by Corey Moore, you can read his thoughts on the FPS and why he thinks its time at the top may be coming to an end. You can read it right HERE. 

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