The Bundle for Ukraine ends having raised $6.3 million for charity

Itchio Bundle For Ukraine $6.3 Million Raised Charity

Ten days ago, online indie storefront began selling its Bundle for Ukraine. This bundle has now come to an end, having expired early this morning. As shared by Necrosoft Games’ Brandon Sheffield, it was an overwhelming success, raising over $6.3 million USD — 106% of its end goal. A staggering 449,000 people supported the bundle with the largest contribution made sitting at $9,000 USD.

The Bundle for Ukraine offered $6,500 USD worth of games for just $10 USD. All the proceedings generated are being donated to two charity organizations: International Medical Corps and Voices of Children. International Medical Corps provides vulnerable citizens medical assistance in areas suffering from disease, disaster, or conflict. Meanwhile, Voice of Children works to assist children with war-induced PTSD in readjusting to school life. It also helps to set up emergency shelters in conflict-stricken areas.


The Bundle for Ukraine was put together and supported by Necrosoft Games. Sheffield took to Twitter to thank everyone who got involved for contributing to this “amazing achievement.” He also promised to deliver a bigger thread tomorrow, potentially going further into the details of the charity drive.

This bundle was one of the best offers PC gamers have had for a long while. Being able to get so many incredible indie games such as Superhot, Celeste, CrossCode, and They Bleed Pixels, SkateBIRD, Backbone, Baba Is You, and so much more at a cheap price is fantastic. Knowing that your money is going towards a good cause only makes the deal even sweeter.

Not alone

It may have captured the headlines, but’s Bundle for Ukraine was not the only example of games companies showing support. Some examples of major games companies that have shown solidarity are CD Projekt, Ubisoft, Unity, Bungie, and Devolver Digital. If the war continues then you can expect more organizations to get involved.

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