It’s been mere hours, but Dark Souls PC already has its first hack/mod

A hack to increase the visual performance of the PC edition of Dark Souls is already doing the rounds, literally hours after the game was released.

The game renders at 1024×720 and at 30fps by default, but a hacker has crafted a DirectX interceptor that lodges itself between the game client and the DirectX 9 API. That allows for higher resolutions. The hacker in question, Durante, admits that the results are a little blurry but promises that he’s working on fixing that.

Reports regarding upping the frame-rate suggest that that area is proving more difficult. The game has been developed to run at 30fps, meaning tweaking it causes all kinds of problems to the movement rates of characters and objects in the game.

The console edition of Dark Souls walked away with our Game of the Year award last year, so big things are expected from the PC edition. Our review is coming soon.

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