August 23rd, 2017

Jay Mohr teases a return to Saints Row

jay mohr saints row twitter

File this one under “fairly interesting”: actor/comedian/radio host/gamer/BlizzCon host Jay Mohr has Tweeted that he’s doing some voice work for an upcoming Saints Row project, and he’s posted up a picture of the recording booth as proof.

Specifically, the Tweet reads: “About to do my voice over work for new Saints Row video game.” This is kinda interesting for a few reasons: for one thing, it’s the first we’ve heard of a new Saints Row game. For another, Mohr has previously appeared in the series; if memory (and IMDB) serves he played Dane Vogel, the antagonist of Saints Row 2.

Which makes it sound like there are three possibilities that have any actual chance of being real. First: there’s a new Saints Row game coming out, and it’s going to be set before the events of Saints Row 2. I find this rather unlikely. Second: there’s a new Saints Row game coming out, and it’s going to be a reboot of the series. This is more likely, particularly considering previous comments from Volition that Saints Row 4 pretty much concludes the series as it currently stands, and any further sequels could well go in a different direction. Third: there’s more DLC for Saints Row 4 coming out. This seems the most likely; Saints Row 4‘s VR setting means that pretty much any character from Saints Row history can be brought back, and I’d be sorta surprised if Saints Row 5‘s script was already done to the point where it was being recorded.

There are other possibilities, of course, one of which I can’t really talk about because it involves Saints Row 4‘s ending. If you’ve seen that, though, then you’ll likely know what I mean. Or maybe he’s playing a new character! Or maybe Dane Vogel actually masterminded all of the events of Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row 4! Or maybe a wizard did it! Etc.

Naturally, there are a few oddities with this. For starters, you’d sorta hope that a BlizzCon host would know the difference between DLC and a new game, which shoots down the DLC theory if you believe he knows his stuff. For another, I’m pretty sure that the artwork in the picture Mohr Tweeted is actually art from Saints Row: The Third… although that might well just be a screen showing a load of concept art from all of the games.

That’s enough wild speculation from me. One way or another, we’re unlikely to hear any specifics until Volition and Deep Silver are ready to talk. I’m still putting my money on this being Saints Row 4 DLC, though.

UPDATE AFTER THE ARTICLE’S BEEN LIVE FOR ALL OF FIVE MINUTES: Doing a bit of fact-checking after posting this up, I discovered – via the Saints Row Wikia – that Dane Vogel was originally meant to appear as a homie in Saints Row 4. He’s apparently referenced in the game’s files and has a full model, but no audio. Jay Mohr is the voice of Dane Vogel. I’d say this is another point in favour of this project being Saints Row 4 DLC.

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