News in today from the JC2-MP forums reveals that there’s work been ongoing for what is called Panau Online. The main feature being Just Cause 2  co-op missions.

    A lengthy post details the update and two missions are being added to start the co-op experience. The first mission will have players intervening in a hostile situation with the Panau military who are destroying farmer’s crops. The second mission involves players taking revenge on the general by taking him out.

    This is the start of what the developer hopes will be more co-op missions in the future as the post explains.

    “Since the early days of JC-MP I’ve always wanted a cooperative multiplayer experience for Just Cause 2. With the latest API changes available in JC-MP 0.2.4 and some incredibly extensive work and collaboration with other members on the JC-MP team, cooperative gameplay is now available. (pending the release of JC-MP 0.2.4 :P)

    “This project builds on the sandbox experience, allowing players to go head to head in instanced PvP matches or group up and take on Ai enemies in instanced PvE missions. Furthermore, this project aims to bring back that which was removed! Dynamic Pedestrian / Vehicle traffic has returned and no longer causes our server to meltdown, which is always a plus.”

    Development on all the new features has been on-going for around six months according to the developer jaxm. There’s a lot more than co-op missions too, there’s a party system, scripted AI enemies, merchants, loot, weapon rebalancing, and instanced PvP modes such as King of the Hill and a mode called Standing Statue where two teams race to rebuild a statue.

    Just Cause 2 isn’t exactly new but this sounds like it could be a blast. You can find out more in the forum thread where everything is fully detailed.

    Paul Younger
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