Enter this contest for your chance to win Joggernauts for Steam

Another day, another contest: Enter to win Joggernauts on Steam.

Attention anyone looking for a cute and colorful puzzle game you can play with your friends and family: We’re giving away a cute and colorful puzzle game you can play with your friends and family. It’s not rocket science, folks — it’s free games!

Get ready for liftoff with runner-puzzler Joggernauts from developer Space Mace.


Joggernauts is a crazy mashup of the nonstop excitement of the runner genre with the brain-busting puzzles of the puzzle genre. Players must swap between two different-colored aliens on the fly to pass color-based obstacles to reach the end of each level. Sounds easy, right?

…did you watch the video above? My brain hurts.

With local multiplayer, things really get out of hand as up to four players must work together to swap colors back and forth to make it through each dangerous stage. Each hand-crafted level (no procedural generation here) is meant to test the players’ wits as colored hazards keep each player on their toes. Should one fall, your team’s lives dwindle until you either make it to the end or die trying.

I hope you and your friends are real close, because this one is about to test y’all.

How To Win

To celebrate today’s release, Space Mace has given us 7 Steam keys to dole out to the PCI community. To enter for your copy, use the widget below to drop your name and email address. If if you’re feeling spunky, let your friends know all about us! Mother said I’m not allowed to play video games until our readers share. Mother doesn’t like when our readers don’t share. Don’t upset Mother.

We will draw our 7 winners on Tuesday, October 16.

Joggernauts is available now on Steam and Nintendo Switch. Head over to Destructoid for more chances to win.

Win a Steam copy of Joggernauts from PC Invasion

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