Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

There was a bit of an assumption going around that Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons was going to have a co-op mode. After all, it’s a game in which a pair of brothers have to work together to overcome obstacles and find a cure for their father.

But in fact, according to this latest video featuring game director Josef Fares, that’s not the case. The team wants it to be a single player game, albeit one with an unusual control scheme. As Fares demonstrates on an Xbox 360 controller, the left stick and right stick (and indeed left and right buttons) will control an individual brother each. Lord knows how that’s going to work on the PC (one on the keyboard, one on the mouse? … or use a controller, I guess,) but that mastery of simultaneous control is what the team is aiming for.

Reading between the lines, it seems like playing in co-op might make the game a bit too easy. Although Fares presents the opposite argument, using a shoe to demonstrate that tying laces in “co-op” is too hard.

Watch him, and some gameplay footage (from the 360 version, admittedly) below.

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