Journey To The Savage Planet Guides And Features Hub

An uncharted planet teeming with predators, prey, and bizarre fauna. Mysterious alien relics and puzzles. Oh, and lots of Flufferbirds to slap and kick around for no reason. Journey to the Savage Planet has a lot in store for would-be explorers, adventurers, and anyone angered by these fowl beasts. This guides and features hub should help you get started on your, well, journey in the titular savage planet.

Journey To The Savage Planet guides and features hub

Journey to the Savage Planet guides and features hub

Official review – Our official review of Journey to the Savage Planet details its platforming mechanics, combat, boss fights, and progression.

Technical review – Our technical review focuses on the game’s graphics, audio, performance, controls, and other settings.

Photo Mode and finding your screenshotsJourney to the Savage Planet has a built-in Photo Mode feature. Likewise, you might also want to know where you’d find your screenshots whether you’re using this feature, an overlay, or even with the game added via Steam.

Beginner’s guide – Here are some tips to help you get started on your exploration.

Boss fights guide – There are three bosses that you’ll need to defeat in order to complete the main story.

Secret Joke EndingJourney to the Savage Planet has a silly ending cinematic for you to find, just make sure you haven’t killed the final boss yet.

Explorer Ranks and Science Experiments – Science Experiments are bounty-type tasks that let you level up your Explorer Rank. In turn, you’ll be able to obtain upgrades to your gadgets.

Javelin Fuel Source locations – We show you where to find the fuel cells for your Javelin spaceship.

Alien Tablet locations – Several of these are hidden in the game, and you can watch a short video whenever you find one.

Explorer Log locations – Explorer Logs are found in various locations in this hostile world.

Journey to the Savage Planet is available now via the Epic Games Store. You can purchase it for $29.99.

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