Did you enjoy Joylancer, or at least tried out the demo? Its developers, alpha six, are hoping for your contribution to possibly the best game crowdfund deal ever.

    Joylancer is actually still in an early state, but alpha six have six other smaller games on the docket. Under the Action Six banner, they have already released these:

    • Glass Cannons, an arcade-style action-platformer
    • solaris, an ambient sound and visual project
    • Bad News Bombs, a game about throwing bombs at wrestlers and birds so
      they don’t knock you over
    • Navigator, a block puzzle game
    • Chromazome, a color-based puzzle shooter hybrid
    • Feverman, an experimental 2D endless game utilizing 3D planes

    and they’ll be releasing even more games under the Action Six banner in the future.

    alpha six prd also have two more major projects coming up soon; Goetic, an action game in the vein of Treasure video games, and Desperado Voyage, a beat-em-up. Funding them now will help them in developing all these games, and you can get most of them by backing them.

    You can check out their crowdfund and get even more details on alpha six prd here. A small hat tip for you guys: the $ 35 tier gets you Action Six and Joylancer.

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