Codemasters Online and NetDevil have announced the system specs required to play Jumpgate Evolution.The sci-fi MMO has apparently been designed to be as scalable as possible, running on machines with only a lowly Intel P4 1.4GHz processor.“We’ve designed Jumpgate Evolution with low specification requirements in mind to ensure it runs fantastically on all types of PC’s,” said NetDevil president Scott Brown.“While it looks amazing on high-end systems, Jumpgate Evolution is still a fantastically exciting and great looking game on older PCs. Better still; having lower system requirements means more players can enjoy the game. Ultimately this means we can have more players in each sector at once, making space combat in Jumpgate Evolution so much more thrilling.”Minimum specs:Windows XP/Vista, Intel P4 1.4GHz or better (2GHz if using Vista)
    512MB RAM (1GB if using Vista)
    64MB Graphics Card
    Direct X® 9.0c
    Broadband connection
    2x DVD ROM Drive
    8GB free hard disk spaceRecommended specs:
    Windows XP/Vista
    Dual-core Intel Pentium D
    2GB RAM
    256MB Graphics card with vertex and pixel shader capability

    Paul Younger
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