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Yes, more of this please.

Domain name registrations don’t equal confirmation, but it’s nonetheless interesting that Square Enix has locked down a Just Cause 3 domain. The detective work was done by superannuation, who points to this domain name registration page for “justcause3game.com,” which he says was organised by the publisher’s corporate domain name registrar.


As somebody waggishly points out in the twitter comments below that statement, Square Enix has previously registered domain names for Just Cause 4 as well (back in 2012,) so this doesn’t necessarily mean the game is about to be announced or anything. This Just Cause 3 domain was registered earlier this week.

Avalanche is already working on Mad Max and Disney Infinity, so whether they can stretch to Just Cause 3 as well probably depends on the size of their studio.

Square Enix could potentially have quite a set of games to reveal over the coming year, as studios under its control are said to be working on a new Hitman (IO,) a new Deus Ex (Eidos Montreal) and a new Sleeping Dogs (Triad Wars – United Front) as well.

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