Kalypso Media just launched a $115,000 Kickstarter for a new football management game

Club Manager 2022 Kalypso Media Kickstarter

German publisher Kalypso Media has today announced a new Kickstarter. The crowdfunding effort aims to raise €100,000, roughly $115,000, to help develop a new football management game. Titled Anstoss 2022, or Club Manager 2022 in English, it will be a direct competitor to Sports Interactive’s popular Football Manager franchise.

As you’d expect from a game of this nature, Club Manager 2022 will challenge the player’s knowledge of football as well as their ability to analyze the beautiful game. Many genre standard features including scouting, youth development, an active transfer market, in-depth sponsoring, and financial management will all play key roles.

Kalypso Media births Club Manager 2022

One fundamental difference between Football Manager and Club Manager 2022 is how their respective multiplayer modes work. Kalypso’s new football management game will implement a classic hot-seat mode where managers will take turns via Steam’s Remote Play Together functionality. On release, this will support up to four concurrent managers at the same time.

According to the developer, DLC is a possibility but there are no plans to implement either loot boxes or microtransactions. Equally, a season pass inspired model was not ruled out, with plans to do so being described as “still ongoing.”

Kalypso Media is no amateur when it comes to selling successful games. The German-based publisher has previously been responsible for the Tropico, Dungeons, and Railway Empire franchises. Its vast experience with tycoon games should translate well into a sports management title, as they share many of the same core design elements.

If you’re interested, then be sure to check out Club Manager 2022‘s official Kickstarter page. There’s a detailed FAQ section that should address any concerns you may have. Kalypso Media is hoping to release this sometime in 2021, but only on PC. For the time being, an exact date has not been provided to avoid publishing an “unfinished or boring game.”

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