dark souls 2 (1)

    I wonder if Serafinowicz knows the Rite of Kindling.

    Peter Serafinowicz adds his distinctive voice-over to this latest Dark Souls 2 trailer, which goes into the process of forging real-life armour akin to the type worn by the Knight character in several of the previous trailers. From Software and Namco sent pictures of the Knight to Armedia, European armour specialists who tend to make this kind of thing for films, and asked them to smith some replicas.

    Not a massive amount to do with Dark Souls 2, then, but quite interesting to watch if you’re keen on blacksmithing. Or just enjoy listening to Serafinowicz speak. There’s no shame in that.

    Enjoy the real life Andre of Astoria, below.

    Peter Parrish

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