Kerbal Space Program 2 crash lands on PC next spring

Kerbal Space Program 2 Announcement reveal trailer spring 2020 star theory private division

Get ready to once more send small, green (rocket propelled) astronauts into the ground in Kerbal Space Program 2. The game was revealed during the Opening Night Live show at Gamescom 2019, and comes with a hilarious teaser. Of what exactly? Well, it’s basically what one should expect from a Kerbal game: rocket building, rockets blowing up, Kerbals screaming and/or in pain. It’s a good time. But it also shows off a ton of new ventures for you and your jabbering test dummies, from orbital space stations to colonies. It will all be ready to soar when the game hits PC next spring.

Kerbal Space Program 2 returns with everything that made the first game great, but expands those features to the stars. It’s not just about building ships and conquering gravity. You’ll be able to establish colonies on other planets, and we’re not talking about a few biodomes. The colony shown off in the teaser is massive, with structures dotting a frozen coast while a ringed planet looms in the background. And then something falls over, because as impressive as the game looks, it’s still Kerbal.

“KSP [Kerbal Space Program] has always been about pushing the boundaries of innovation and creativity, and with Kerbal Space Program 2 we take that premise even further,” said Nate Simpson, creative director at Star Theory. “We are introducing several new ways for players to challenge themselves, including new physics puzzles to solve, new planetary destinations to conquer, and new ways to advance their own deep-space program. This continues to be a game about exploration, imagination, and understanding rocket physics – with plenty of wild crashes along the way.”

To infinity…

Kerbal Space Program 2 will feature new improvements and changes as well. You’ll be able to play the game in a “free mode” of sorts. Gravity can be removed, allowing you to build massive structures from buildings to ships. The game will also come with updates for parts and planets, as well as improved modding support.

Kerbal Space Program 2 launches in spring 2020 on PC via Steam.

Kerbal Space Program 2 Ship

Some of the ships you can build look far more sleek and advanced.

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