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Killer Klowns from Outer Space is a deliciously cheesy and campy ’80s horror-comedy, with lovably vicious clowns (sorry, klowns) and some great humor through sight gags and other hilarious visuals. So it’s great to see Killer Klowns from Outer Space: The Game with a seat at the video game adaptation table. With the folks at Friday the 13th: The Game spearheading this effort, it’s not surprising to see how faithful and joyful this adaptation of Killer Klowns looks so far, which was highlighted in a recent dev post and film comparison trailer.

Friday the 13th: The Game is chock full of fun references to the film franchise that birthed it, created by fans for fans. This love for iconic and seedy horror franchises manifested with the announcement that Killer Klowns would be receiving an adaptation, which was definitely not on any list for potential video-gameifications. And to show you how faithful this adaptation will be, the developers have crafted a blog post to compare and contrast the game and movie.


Pie to the face

The creators take you from location to location, showing you how they transformed noteworthy locations and scenes from the film into this new game. For instance, the Big Top location where the Klowns call home is recreated in the game with near-perfect detail. Some scenes, like a klown pulling out one of its goofy weapons, are recreated from the top. According to the devs, this post is only a fraction of scenes lovably taken from the original.

Meanwhile, the Killer Klowns gameplay trailer shows many of these recreations in motion, and things look quite crazy. If you are visiting this game with morbid curiosity but without knowledge of the original, then I highly recommend you watch the original film. At the very least, you can appreciate the measures the developers took in recreating such a manic and hopped-up world.


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