Kingdom Come: Deliverance DLC Roadmap revealed

Kingdom Come: Deliverance DLC Roadmap revealed

Warhorse is now ready to reveal what’s coming up for the medieval RPG Kingdom Come: Deliverance as far as full DLC and free content is concerned.

As well as four slices of story DLC, two or three of which will make it out this year starting with ‘From the Ashes’. There’s also a free hardcore mode, tournament, and of course modding support with others releasing free for backers.

Story DLC

  • From the Ashes
  • The Amorous Adventures of Bold Sir Hans Capon
  • Band of Bastards
  • A Woman’s LotĀ  – Free for backers


  • Hardcore Mode
  • The Making of Kingdom ComeĀ  – Free for backers
  • Tournament!
  • Combat Academy – Free for backers
  • Modding Support

All of this is outlined in the following image released this morning.
Kingdom Come Deliverance Roadmap

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