It’s okay if the buzz surrounding E3 isn’t quite your thing, because there are a couple of free games to keep you occupied this weekend.

The first is Kingdom New Lands, which comes courtesy of the Epic Games Store and is free to keep on your Epic account permanently. Kingdom New Lands adopts pixelated graphics like a lot of indie titles, but what really caught my attention was the soundtrack. The trailer below shows a nice, lighthearted clip of people riding on horseback.  The background music is somewhat pleasant, but as the video carries on, the music takes a twist as these horrifying-looking monsters come crawling out of the void.

The genre is a strategy defense game, where you must micro-manage workers to have them build up a fortress. Then, you must take on any monsters that attempt to disrupt your fairytale world. The free offering lasts until June 13.

Have a look at the trailer below:

Add your own music to Beat Hazard 2

Beat Hazard 2 is a rhythmic, visualizer-shmup hybrid that is free on Steam for this weekend only. The game’s signature is that it allows you to not only add your own music, but the music you choose will actually affect the game.

The gameplay sports colorful shoot ’em up segments where you must dodge bullets and destroy spacecraft in a rhythm-infested dreamscape. On top of it all, the game actually allows players to use anything from Spotify to Apple Music to YouTube. Whichever song you choose will not only have an effect on the movement of the game, but also the size and variety of the procedurally generated bosses.

The concept of making your own soundtrack for a video game is something that is new to me. Sometimes I’ll play my own music while grinding through an RPG, but normally I like to experience the music that the creators offer. Beat Hazard 2 reminded me that in all the time I spent playing Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, I never took advantage of the in-game music uploader. Maybe I should go back and change that.

Have a look at the Beat Hazard Trailer here:

Alex Johnson
Alex has been playing video games since the 90s. He's your resident Roller Coaster Tycoon fan. You can find him on Twitter @alexzolom

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