Knockout City season two

Electronic Arts revealed its plans for Season 2 of the dodgeball game Knockout City at today’s EA Play livestream event. You might have missed it with all the big news about huge titles like Dead SpaceBattlefield, and Apex Legends. But the arcade-style, team-based dodgeball game has been chugging along very well since its debut in May. Knockout City Season 2 keeps the hype train going by taking a trip to the movies.

Season 2 is aptly titled “Fight at the Movies.” It introduces a new stage that has several different transformations, each one representing a different genre or type of movie. There is a cityscape ravaged by a kaiju attack, an Indiana Jones-style desert area, a lover’s bridge from a romance movie, a horror-themed cathedral, a swords-and-sandals type ancient arena, and, lastly, a giant children’s bedroom set, which seems to be going for a Toy Story vibe.


The season will also include new gear, including four different types of costumes. There is also a soda ball that covers the opponent’s screen in cola when it connects. The gear feels very similar to the Blooper item in Mario Kart. Knockout City Season 2 also brings five new playlists and new rewards for players to unlock. This season will contain three special events, most likely themed after one of the genres spoofed in the new stage. But there isn’t any information on that just yet.

Where’s the Average Joe’s and Globo Gym crossover?

The developer of Knockout City, Velan Studios, also announced that Season 3 will follow in the autumn of this year. After, Season 4 will drop in the winter and most likely bleed into 2022. So, there is a lot of new content coming up for players to look forward to. Knockout City Season 2 will drop next week on July 27. The game is available to play for free via Steam and EA Origin.

Players can play up to Street Rank 25 for free, and afterwards you can purchase either the standard or deluxe versions of the game. Rank 25 equals a good amount of playtime, so you’ll definitely know if you want to stick with the game by then. If you purchase the game on EA Origin, it is currently on sale during the World of Play sale. The game also features support for cross-play and cross progression.

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