Following the launch of The Secret World issue #4 last week, Funcom are ready to reveal some of their plans for issue #5.

In a developer blog update from Game Director Joel Bylos, he mentions that they are ready to try something a little different for the next content update. The plan is to release a new story arc that revolves around a new character called Tyler Freeborn who is a conspiracy theorist trapped on Solomon island after the Fog rolled in. Tyler has now gone missing and players will travel into the Fog for the first time. Bylos adds:

We’re really excited to try this longer type of story arc; it is one of the best perks of working on an MMO that you can experiment with new ways to do things and see how people respond to it almost immediately. This gives us an opportunity to create longer story sections, similar to what you find in the main story mission, and tell more of the story in a larger piece. Naturally story is one of the pillars upon which The Secret World rests and finding ways to drive that experience forward is one of our main goals.

A new auxillary weapon is also being added in issue #5 as players investigate a ”┬ábizarre disturbance in Kingsmouth” and defeat a “strange creature which has been materializing”. The new weapon will be created by Scrapyard Edgar and is based around his concepts of quantum physics, which according to Bylos, will create a deeper combat experience in-game.

Additionally, all investigation missions can be repeated for a reduced reward, and as far as the Christmas event goes, it won’t have anything to do with winter for Christmas which will make a refreshing change for an MMO.

Check out the full update on the official website.

Paul Younger
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